Monday, 11 June 2012


I'm terribly excited to begin my first blog! A small personal achievement that I can now tick off my to do list! (Is there anything more satisfying than such a list, covered in proud slashes as small menial tasks and intimidating, time consuming activities are completed?)

I have been contemplating jumping on the blogging bandwagon for years. I first started visiting the likes of Fashion Toast, The Cherry Blossom Girl and on a local scale, Flair to Remember, when I was in high school. Over the years I have subscribed to ever so many, and as my personal taste has changed, so has my blog preference. Perhaps it has taken me until now because I finally have a good sense of who I am, what I like and the type of person I hope to be.

I absolutely believe that good photography enhances a blog - my favourite blogs are filled with gorgeous images. Unfortunately I am not armed with an impressive SLR camera, so I do hope my handbag sized pink Nikon digital camera will suffice if I do feel inspired (and brave enough!) to foray into featuring my own photographs!

My favourite blogs radiate happiness, positivity and honesty. The lovely ladies behind the screen are real, unpretentious and not embarrassed to share their thoughts, experiences (and outfits!) with the world. I hope that I can do the same!

On that note, one of my favourite quotes. It's nothing groundbreaking, but a wonderful succinct reminder. I wish I can remember where I found it!

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