It's a pleasure to meet you! My name is Briony, I'm 20 years of age and live in Sydney, Australia. I would like to introduce you to Frocks & Frills, my small corner of the internet devoted to documenting pretty pleasures of all shapes and forms. A personal scrapbook and homage to the frills of my life.
I have been filling journals with my loopy handwriting ever since I could hold a pencil (although these days I favour a pen; black or purple ink please). Despite the fact I rarely read my ramblings, I feel lost if I haven’t documented the events of my life and the thoughts that arise from them.
Approaching the final semester of my university communications degree, I feel it is finally time to become a contributing member of the online world. As an avid blog reader, I am excited to finally join the party. A soiree with a guest list of fascinating people from all around the world, buzzing with interesting conversation, feasting on an amazing spread of food and all fabulously frocked up!